Family Law Attorney in Amarillo

By Attorney Janis A. Cross

Texas family law covers a very broad spectrum of case types.  When I tell people that I am a “family law attorney”, I sometimes can see them thinking, “What does that mean?”. The term “family law” covers a very wide range of subjects, including:

An Experienced Texas Family Law Attorney

Every case is different and the facts of each case greatly drive the result. Texas family law has changed greatly over the past thirty years, with the result that it is now both more predictable and fair. However, it has also become much more specialized, so that you need an experienced family law attorney who spends a great deal of time practicing in the family law area. The rules are complex and the nuances and exceptions are many.  You should rely only on a well-experienced family law attorney, like Janis Alexander Cross, to help you with your family law matter!

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Thank you, in advance, for giving us the opportunity to help you with your family law issues!

(p.s., No, we likely can’t make your “ex” treat you better, or get your mother-in-law to treat you like a real member of the family.  There are some problems that you must leave to God because the laws of man just aren’t powerful enough!)